Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Tribute To My First Pug Babs Who Passed Away Just Before The Shop Opened...

Dear Friends,

I have just today been finally able to write a tribute to my sweet little pug Babs, the little girl that started it all, the first of my four pugs adopted from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. The Pug Love Fiber Art shop on etsy is dedicated to Babs and her picture is there now because I named one of the items for sale after her, a spinner's batt named "Little Black Babs With A Cherry On Top!"

You will find a very long blog entry about loving and losing Babs, what she taught me, and her final days when finally she went to sleep in my arms for the last time with my beloved vet overseeing the transition. You can click on her picture here to visit my other blog and read her story. My heart is still aching as it always shall when I think of her, but she is now at peace, and knowing that I can do something for other little pugs in need in her honor helps a lot.

Treasure your little ones. They bless us so dearly and leave us all too soon, no matter how long we have with them...

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