Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What you will see very soon in the shop! Pug Love Art Yarns in the making!

Dear Fibery Puggish Friends, 

As I open the shop today with the first batch of batts I am hard at work on making several types of Art Yarns that will be up by next week. I am very excited about the yarns and have many more ever wilder and more colorful yarns to come. Here are two yarns spun still on the spindles. The one on the left is a "Pug Fun Yarn," the wilder of the Art Yarns. You can just imagine pugs frolicking amongst the fibers, hither and yon, throwing anything toward their spinning mama so that I will blend them into the fiber mix to spin. This yarn will not actually be finished until the final step when it is being taken off the spindle and plied.

The yarn on the right is what I call "Fairy Fleece Yarn," because it is unbelieably soft and lofty and made from many small piles of blends from a great many different types of fibers and colors left over from the batt making process, in this case from the first 9 batts ready to go in the shop. It is vibrant, sparkly, and beautiful.

"Fairy Fleece Yarn" waiting to be spun from
the leftover fiber blends from the first 9 batts
going up in the store today...

"Fairy Fleece Yarn" spun...

The empty spindle in the middle I will use to spin the batt it is lying on. Here is a closeup of the batt itself, a beautiful array of purples, blues and a dash of wine, and very very sparkly...

The yarn spun from this yarn is one of my
"Batty For Pugs" yarns because it will be
spun directly from a finished batt made
just for the yarn to be spun. There are a
great many elements in this batt and I
can't wait to see the finished yarn.

Soon I will begin to spin the first of "Big Bertha's Puggy Yarns." Those yarns will be spun on my Bulky Electric Babe Spinner ("Big Bertha!") so that I can create larger amounts of beautiful, colorful yarns for the fiber artist who needs more yarn for a project than the smaller amounts the Art Yarns will yield. All of them are great fun to spin and have their own distinctive qualities. Stay tuned for many yarns to come to enter the shop!

The puggery yarns are on their way! Let the fun begin!

Fibery Fun to one and all, 

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