Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pug Love Fiber Art shop opening on etsy today! Finally!

The batts are going up today, by the weekend the art yarns will start to go up, more are in the works, and I am working on the first big fiber art piece that will take awhile to make because of the size and complexity. I will also be taking Special Custom Orders for batts and yarns as time permits. For fun I'm going to show you the new business card and thank you card that will go in with my orders with a personal note from me and who knows what other little surprises will find their way into the packages!

Front of Business Card:

Back of Card:
(Sam says thank you!)

... and the thank you postcard that will go in the orders...

My three puggeries are on the bottom: Coco, Harvey
& Sampson. my velcro pug!

And this week I will start showing items that will end up in the shop in the process of being made. I think it's fun to see and appreciate the handmade process of the work, the thing that makes each piece of work special. I hope you'll enjoy it soon...

Blessings and Joy and Happy Fibery Fun to You!

 And having a pug or three really makes the work more fun. Check out the Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue site to at least enjoy the wee tiny funny dogs and read their stories. They will win you heart. They have changed my life...

Love and Pugs!

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