Monday, July 5, 2010

If you help me pick out the yarn we should ply the next yarn with, I get extra treats!

Harvey, who no one can refuse!

Sampson gets everything. It's just not fair. If you write in and tell me which yarn you'd like the next new yarn plied with, I get extra treats. I need help. Sam shouldn't always get everything. I need treats. I can't live without treats. Write in fast!!!

I like the one on the bottom left. It's pinkish and purply and tealyish and nubbly, but I need your help. Which one should we use?

Harvey, the youngest pug in the house. The biggest eyes. I have the sweetest personality. And don't tell Maitri I wrote in here. I don't think she'd like me being so sneaky...

Harvey, sneaking out of blog...


  1. Harvey I agree with you the one on the lower left would be a wonderful choice. Here is hoping you get some extra treats.

  2. Thank you Cactus. I hope I win. I need treats. I really do. I really appreciate your writing in. I sure hope Maitri doesn't find out I wrote in!

    Harvey, slinking about...

  3. I also agree with Harvey. The pink and purple on the lower left! Good luck getting those treats!

  4. Me and Opie (my pug mix) likes the same one. The pinkish and purply and tealyish and nubbly :) Does that count for two votes?

  5. Hi Maitri! Harvey is adorable he he! ANd I am afraid of dogs but he is so cute! ANyway I like the bottom left one too, pink n purple makes a great combination. :)

  6. I vote for the bottom left. Harvey is so cute...I hope he gets some extra treats!
    Cynical Musings of a Military Wife

  7. Patricia, MsMoneyBagz, Darling Marzie and Jennifer... Harvey thanks you all so much. He got a treat for every comment and he is sending you all great big puggery kisses!

    Hope you are all having a wonderful day! Find a pug to hug and you will never be sad again...

    Harvey (oof)