Monday, July 5, 2010

Sampson Helps With The Plying Of The First Fairy Fleece Handspun Yarn About To Go Up In The Shop...

Sampson, Velcro Pug & Plying Supervisor....

Sampson: Okay, first of all show them how you were going to spin the yarn from all of that pretty sparkly "fairy fleece" leftover from spinning the first eight batts. 

Maitri: I already did that. It's a couple of entries down right here. One doesn't want to be redundant.  

Sampson: You're redundant a lot...
Maitri: Well, you needn't embarrass me by saying things like that in public. Anyway, we're talking about plying the new yarn.

Sampson: Yes, well, I was in charge of picking out the sparkly black, white and gold plying yarn. I made a very good choice. What you chose was dreadful.

Maitri: That's why I have you. If pugs can't earn their keep they're not getting any treats. 

Sampson (Startled): WELL, you needn't be rude... (Sniff...)

Maitri: Get on with it Sam. Show them the yarn.

Sampson: Well, I picked this yarn out because the yarn Maitri just handspun on one of her 176 spindles --

Maitri: I don't have that many, stop exaggerating. You'll make me look bad.

Sampson: Okay, 123.

Maitri: Just get on with it. 

Sampson: Well, I picked this out. It is actually very sparkly just like the yarn Maitri spun, but she can't take a good picture to save her patootski --

Maitri: Language Sampson!

Sampson: Okay, here's the plying yarn...

Maitri: Well, you actually did do a pretty good job Sam. It does look pretty with the yarn I've already plied...

Sampson: I think it needs more blue and black and --

Maitri: That part hasn't been plied yet. It's still on the first spindle...

Sampson: Well, you'd better do a good job. If you don't shake a leg and get more things in the shop you're not going to help the rescue much, and even more important, we won't get enough treats.

Maitri: I'm trying Sam, I'm trying. Now, you go eat your dinner. I've got to get back to it and finish the yarn.

Sampson, heading for food bowl: Okay, but shake a leg, and I'd better have something good in my bowl.

Maitri: You'll eat what's there. This isn't a cafeteria.

Sampson: I'll starve. Look at me, I'm wasting away.

Maitri: Aw, poor Sam. Well, I'll knit you up a purple sweater with orange polka dots and you can wear it all the time and nobody will notice that -- Sam? Sampson???

(There isn't a pug in the house. They're all hiding, aghast at the thought of wearing Maitri's unusual creations.)

Maitri: Well, I'll just get back to plying and finish this yarn so I can ply the next one. I'm going to pick out the plying yarn myself.

Sam, whispering to Harvey under the bed: Oh, she wouldn't. She just wouldn't. She'll embarrass us all.

Maitri, chuckling and going back to ply....

First "Fairy Fleece Handspun Yarn" up in the shop this week...

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