Monday, August 2, 2010

Changes: New Store Name, New Blog for Store & Why?

Dear Ones,

After some hard thinking I am making changes today that I think will better serve my goals all around. In calling this shop "Pug Love Fiber Art" because I dearly wanted to support Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, my goal was to send 20% of the proceeds to the rescue, but as is often the case it is very slow going getting funds to donate as the shop will have a slow growing nature as many do. Hence,I am going back to what I have always called my shop, the name of my studio, "Maitri's Heart & Hands Designs" and I will be making a personal monthly donation to the rescue so that I am certain that they get the much needed funds on a monthly basis not dependent on what happens here.

I am currently creating more and more Handspun Art Yarns which will be a main focus in the shop, but also you will see new categories listed which were in my original shop, a wider focus including all of the areas I work in. I am pleased to get these back in.

Blessings and Joy to each and every one of you, and the Pug Love Fiber Art blog is still open but below you will find the new store blog which will be updated later today. I have removed old entries and will start fresh! (Store Blog) (Personal Blog)

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